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Noriko Matsubara at home

Behind the Scene – How I came to do what I do

I want to talk about why I do what I do – creating children’s books.
Before I started writing and illustrating children’s books, I was doing an art project that focused on issues surrounding nuclear power (see my Nuclear Project).
I grew up in the area in Japan where a nuclear waste reprocessing plant was being built nearby and the landscape was rapidly changing. I felt compelled to face the nuclear issues through my art. But the more I learnt about the problems of the nuclear industry, and the larger the problems I was dealing with, I felt depressed and powerless. I needed to take a break from it and create something lighter and simpler that I can feel at peace with, so I began writing and illustrating children’s books.
Creating children’s books makes me happy, that’s the reason why I started. But then I came across a quote by Mother Teresa :
“Love begins at home.”
This really sparked me into what I do. 
I’d love to create stories that children and parents read together.
I’d love children to experience love and warmth through books and the experience of sharing books with their family. 
I’d love to help nurture children’s potential.
Children are our future. 
Children determine the future of humanity.
So this is why I do what I do and I love it.

Noriko’s picture books are available here or on Amazon.