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Ever since the lockdown started in March 2020, I’ve been creating cartoons that capture the everyday moments of my family life. These comics show daily trivial events through a mother’s perspective, adding a touch of humour during the pandemic. 

Even after the pandemic is over, I’m still keeping up with my cartoon diary of parenting! I hope you find them enjoyable and relatable!


Cartoon about artist and children's author Noriko Matsubara's family life with her children during the lockdown UK.


Nori’s husband. English. Computer programmer. He is calm and quiet but has strong core (in another word ‘stubborn’). Has a good sense of humour. He likes quiet places surrounded by nature.


8-year-old boy. Very laidback. He has a gentle heart and even cares for a single spider. Good at drawing. He loves deep sea anglerfish.


4-year-old girl. Naughty and feisty. Loves role-plays. She is a free spirit and goes her own way. She believes the world belongs to her.


Artist, children’s book author & illustrator. After working as a Japanese teacher in Lebanon, she wakes up as an artist. While striving to raise children to be the best persons they can be, she is at the mercy of her children everyday.

These cartoons originally appeared on my blog

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