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Author and illustrator Noriko Matsubara reading her picture book "Bocchi and Pocchi: A Tale of Two Socks"

I love to spark imagination in young minds, nurture their potential, and connect children with their caregivers through heartwarming stories. 

Bocchi and Pocchi : A Tale of Two Socks is my first picture book. The inspiration for the story came from my childhood as I would watch her grandma regularly darning socks and wondering what might happen to them. Bocchi and Pocchi and the Bird and Bocchi and Pocchi’s Big Surprise are the sequels.

When I began creating children’s books, it was simply to make me feel happy. When I was doing my master’s degree in Fine Art, my work focused on issues surrounding nuclear power (see my Nuclear Project). I’m from an area in Japan where a nuclear waste reprocessing plant was being built and its landscapes were rapidly changing. I felt compelled to face the nuclear issues through my art. But this nuclear theme started weighing heavy on my mind and made me feel depressed and powerless. I felt I needed to shift from it and create something lighter and simpler I can feel at peace with. So I began writing and illustrating children’s book – a tale of two socks. 

As I was writing this story, I came across an anecdote about Mother Teresa. When she was asked what could be done to achieve world peace, she replied, “Go home and love your family.” That’s such a simple and powerful idea, and it inspired me to share my book with others, hoping to help children and their parents bond together.

Through my books and creative projects, I hope to bring joy to families around the world. As a mother of two children, I believe the power of children’s books. Reading to my children at bedtime helps us unwind and deepen our bond. I hope my books will offer toddlers and young children the experience of kindness and warmth and foster awareness of caring for the world.

I enjoy visiting schools and libraries to read and talk about my picture books and work with children. To learn more about my author visits, click here.
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Children's book author and illustrator Noriko Matsubara's author visit at Bishops Stortford Library, Hertfordshire, UK.

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