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Favourite Things in Japan

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This summer, I visited my family in Japan with my children for the first time in 3 years.
As soon as we arrived in Japan, I felt the humidity on my skin. “Yes, we are in Japan!”
I often complained about Japan’s humid weather, but I had missed it for the past years during the pandemic.
Last Christmas, my mum asked Ichi what he would like for Christmas, and he immediately replied, “Dried squid!”
She couldn’t send the dried squid she bought in a market in the end, as due to the pandemic, postal regulations have become stricter.
Ichi was over the moon when he finally had dried squid at my parents’ place.
What is Naomi’s favourite thing in Japan? She loved food, hot spring, but her most favourite thing was a shower toilet!
Too bad it wasn’t something we could pack in a suitcase…
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Artist and children’s author Noriko Matsubara documents daily trivial events from the eyes of mother, with touch of lightness and humour.

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