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Interview: Destynee Onwochei & Noriko Matsubara

I worked with BBC Children’s for their new Storytime App earlier this year. I illustrated one of their stories called “Olanna’s Super Senses” written by Destynee Onwochei. Prior to the Storytime App launch in July 2021, Destynee and I decided to interview each other and talk about behind the scene of this collaboration. 

Watch the video and find out about our back stories and how we ended up working with BBC!
In this interview, we cover:
0:58- Destynee’s background and her journey to become a published author
5:36- Events and people that had a great impact on Destynee’s life
9:27- Destynee’s current/future projects
12:25- Destynee’s tips for aspiring authors
14:13- Noriko’s journey to become an author/illustrator 
18:37- What made Noriko want to write children’s books
20:35- Noriko talks about her “Bocchi and Pocchi” picture book character ‘Grandma mouse’
22:30- Noriko’s journey on getting her children’s books published
26:35- How did the BBC reach out to Noriko
29:08- Noriko’s current project
29:56- Noriko talks about her vision for the future
To find out more about Destynee, visit her website:

“Olanna’s Super Senses” is free and available via the CBeebies Storytime App (only in the UK)

Download the CBeebies Storytime App to watch the story written by Destynee Onwochei and illustrated by myself (You can find “Olanna’s Super Senses” under the “Bedtime Stories” category).

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