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Interview with Children’s Author Pippa Goodhart

I’m curious about how longstanding children’s authors work. How do they get so many ideas? What do they do if they get stuck? Because I have gone through stagnant periods when I couldn’t find any ideas and felt stuck, I’m interested in how experienced authors resolve these issues and keep going. 
I interviewed Pippa Goodhart, the author of over a hundred children’s books, including prize-winning picture book You Choose, and the Winnie the Witch storybooks which she writes under the pen name of Laura Owen.
In this interview, we cover:
0:12- Introducing Pippa
1:32- How Pippa, who was slow at learning to read and write as a child, became a published children’s author
4:54- Pippa explains how jobs in a bookshop and as a publisher’s reader led to what she does now
7:40- Pippa talks about writing stories for various age groups and the different challenges she enjoys  
9:21- How Pippa finds ideas for her stories
11:26- Pippa explains how she deliberately writes herself into a corner when she is writing and how she resolves it
14:24- Two useful words Pippa gives to children when they can’t find their ideas for themselves
16:22- What Pippa does and what she enjoys in her school visits
17:54- Questions children tend to ask that teachers are longing to know but are too polite to ask
21:05- What enables Pippa to look at things from children’s point of view
22:41- Pippa talks about characters in her stories
26:36- The reason why Pippa uses the pen name Laura Owen for her Winnie the Witch books
29:25- How Pippa works with illustrators
29:49- Pippa talks about her picture book You Choose illustrated by Nick Sharratt
37:20- Publishers and agents
39:21- Who is Pippa’s favourite character?
39:55- Pippa’s favourite book format to work on
41:34- What Pippa thinks are the most important qualities for authors
43:55- Pippa’s advices for aspiring authors
44:40- Pippa’s online courses
45:40- Pippa’s current project
Visit Pippa’s website here

Pippa gives talks and workshops in schools and libraries.

To book her visit, you can contact Pippa directly here 
To find out about her online courses, visit the links below:

Noriko’s picture books are available here or on Amazon.