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Illustration by Gillian McClure

Interview with Children’s Author/Illustrator Gillian McClure

I love what I do – working as an artist, children’s book author and illustrator. But I have challenges. How can I find more time to work while raising a young family? How can I earn more income from what I do? How can I get more inspiration?
I decided to interview experienced authors and artists to learn from their experiences, and share them with people who might benefit.
I got in touch with Gillian McClure, an author and illustrator whose career spans four decades. Since she started her career in a rather unusual way in 1974, she has had many books published as well as running her own publishing company, Plaister Press, for six years. 

In this interview, we cover:

0:11- Introduction
2:31- How Gillian became a published author and illustrator
5:21- Gillian’s artwork and mediums
7:00- Process of creating a picture book
7:40- How Gillian managed to work while raising a young family
9:47- How Gillian gets ideas for her book
10:57- Events and people that had a great impact on Gillian’s life
12:30- Pros and cons of working with big/small publishers
13:50- Gillian’s involvement in typographic design 
16:04- What kind of workshops Gillian gives in schools/libraries
18:32- What Gillian enjoys the most amongst all the things she does
20:19- How schools/libraries can get in touch with Gillian
20:48- How authors/illustrators can earn more income using their books
22:06- Gillian’s tips for aspiring authors and illustrators
23:22- Gillian’s current/future projects
Visit Gillian’s website here
Gillian gives talks and workshops in libraries, schools, and at festivals and conferences.
To book her visit, you can contact Gillian directly here or through the links below:

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