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Cartoon about artist and children's author Noriko Matsubara's family life with her children during the lockdown UK

Lockdown Cartoon #24: Family Time

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My children often make me realise something I didn’t notice before.
The other day during breakfast.
Ichi: “It was fun yesterday, wasn’t it?”
Me: “Oh yeah, your friend came to play.”
Ichi: “That was fun too, but what I enjoyed the most was watching telly with my family.”
Watching TV after dinner as a family – I never realised such a trivial thing was a big deal for my son. It was an everyday thing, yet we hadn’t done that as a family for a long time.
Both me and Steve work from home. That doesn’t mean we spend a lot of time with our children. Actually, we don’t have much family time because we don’t follow the 9-6 office hours.
But when I heard what Ichi said, I decided to spend more time with my family. We don’t have to do anything special, just consciously create the time to be together. 
Artist and children’s author Noriko Matsubara documents her family's experience during COVID-19 lockdown with relatable cartoons.

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