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Cartoon about artist and children's author Noriko Matsubara's family life with her children during the lockdown UK

Lockdown Cartoon #26: School Run

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September 2020. After 5 month closure, schools finally reopen for all children in England. 
It’s great my children are both in school now, but the bad thing is, they aren’t in the same school. This means our school run is complicated… 
Luckily my husband and I both work from home. We decided to share school run between us. My husband takes Ichi to school and I take Naomi to school. It takes 10 minutes to walk to Ichi’s school, but it takes 40 minutes to walk to Naomi’s school. I considered driving but I don’t want to drive busy roads, so I decided to walk. In the morning, I walk 40 minutes to school and 40 minutes to return home. Then at 2:30pm, I do the same. This is about two and a half hours worth of exercise!
School run is a pain. But this may be God’s will to keep me fit.
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Artist and children’s author Noriko Matsubara documents her family's experience during COVID-19 lockdown with relatable cartoons.

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