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Cartoon about artist and children's author Noriko Matsubara's family life with her children during the lockdown UK

Lockdown Cartoon #27: Mirror

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“Ichi! Eat quickly! Got it?”
“Ichi! Brush your teeth now! Got it?”
“Ichi! Wash your hands after the toilet! Got it?”
Naomi bosses Ichi about. Naomi is four. Ichi is eight. But Naomi sounds like a grown-up sometimes. 
“Naomi is like mum recently,” said Ichi.
Oh no, is it me who Naomi was copying? Ichi is such a laidback boy so I often harry him up, but I didn’t know I sounded that bossy!
Children are like mirrors. They reflect what they see and what they hear. After hearing Naomi speaking to Ichi in a commanding tone, I felt embarrassed with myself. I’d better watch out what I say and how I say it! 
Here is today’s cartoon.
Artist and children’s author Noriko Matsubara documents her family's experience during COVID-19 lockdown with relatable cartoons.

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