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I’ve been drawing cartoons since lockdown started in March 2020. Since all lockdown restrictions have been lifted in England during summer (touch wood!), I want to start sharing some of my memories from the pre-COVID period in my cartoon.
When Ichi was little, he used to tell me about his memories before he was born. When I asked him how he chose his daddy and mummy, he said, “I went shopping and bought you.” “Daddy was very expensive! He is a game programmer, see? I was rich so I was able to buy him.”
I asked, “How about mummy?” He said, “Oh you were cheap! You are a children’s book author, see?”
My son’s Equations:
Daddy = Game Programmer = Expensive
Mummy = Children’s Author/Illustrator = Cheap
I hope I will be able to change my son’s perception of my occupation soon!
Artist and children’s author Noriko Matsubara documents daily trivial events from the eyes of mother, with touch of lightness and humour.

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